Our creative workshops are designed to inspire, teach and invigorate!

June 1st
Indigo Dyeing with Carrole Blakeman

Tantalize your inner artist and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Indigo dyeing at our exclusive workshop, "Indigo Dyeing: Into the Blue," taught by professional textile artist Carrole Blakeman from Copper Fox Design and hosted at The Artists House on June 1, 2024. This enchanting experience promises to awaken your sense of curiosity and creativity as we explore the magical art of Indigo dyeing. $175

June 15th
Better Photos with your Cell Phone with Loretta Myers

The art of mobile photography with Loretta Myers is an immersive workshop open to all ages (aged 10 and up). Great for a mother/ daughter, dad/son and friends workshop. Discover the secrets to capturing stunning moments using your cell phone's features and learn delightful tricks that elevate your snapshots. Join us for a creative journey into the world of picture-perfect moments!

October 4-6
Discover Your Inner Artist: Beginner's Watercolor Workshop with Marion Anderson

Join us at The Artists' House & Studio for an exclusive watercolour painting workshop designed specifically for beginners. Whether you're looking to discover a new hobby or simply unwind and explore your creative side, this workshop offers the perfect blend of relaxation and artistic education. Workshop Overview: Facilitator: Marion Anderson, an accomplished artist and seasoned instructor, will guide you through the fundamentals of watercolour painting. Marion's passion and expertise make her workshops both informative and inspiring, providing you with the techniques and confidence to express your creativity. $245

Coming Soon
Adventure Photography with Sean Carson

A comprehensive workshop designed for both beginners and intermediate photographers who aspire to capture the essence of their travels in stunning visuals. This course delves into the art and science of travel photography, providing participants with a solid understanding of the technical aspects, as well as the aesthetic and cultural nuances.

Coming Soon
Fabric Sculpting with Andrea Chan

Ignite your creativity in the ethereal realm of Pavorpol Sculpture with renowned artist Andrea Chan. Join an immersive workshop where imagination melds with tangible artistry. Under Andrea's guidance, craft your own mesmerizing Pavorpol masterpiece. Elevate your sculpting skills and transform ordinary materials into extraordinary expressions of beauty. Start your artistic journey, as once you have tried this, you will want more!

Wednesdays Open Studio in Nottawa

Embark on a creative journey every Wednesday at The Artists' House Studio from 10am-2pm. Calling all creators, from beginners to seasoned, to join us for a day filled with artistic exploration, community bonding, and the sheer joy of bringing imagination to life. Create side by side in whatever you are working on: painting, sculpture, sketching, writing, sewing..... Whether you come armed with your own masterpiece in progress or dive into the collaborative spirit of our group activities, expect a delightful blend of networking, fun, and continuous learning. Let your creativity flow freely as we weave a vibrant tapestry of art and camaraderie. Don't miss out on the Wednesdays Open Studio. 2 Townley Street in Nottawa.

Coming Soon
Classical Drawing & Painting with Dmitry Oivadis

Unlock the secrets of classical artistry with Dmitry Oivadis in this immersive workshop. From studio still-life compositions to outdoor Plein Air landscapes, delve into oil and watercolor painting, drawing, and the nuances of classic techniques. With a Master's degree in Visual Art and Design, Dmitry offers step-by-step insights and expert guidance using time honoured practices.